10 Incredible Blusher | Information about Blusher

In all the  techniques of makeup  must never miss the blusher, which are protagonists of  natural makeup , in addition to giving a healthy look to the face, so should not be missing in your  makeup cases , If you do not know which are the best we give you a list with incredible blusher.10. Blusher InkWith this blusher you can give us only color to your cheeks, thanks to having a 3 in 1 function you can color your lips and even use it as a shadow, if you are a woman practice this blusher ink is for you.9. Blusher SpongeIf you do not like to carry all your beauty kit this blusher sponge  is for you, it has a very original and comfortable design to get, in addition your sponge concentrates the color in your cheeks very naturally.8. Blusher IlluminatorAn important part in all makeup is to highlight the points of light and with this  blusher illuminator you can do it, the mixture of pastel colors makes it perfect to fill your cheeks with light.Makeup Trends 20177. Blusher PearlsThe colorful pearls not only give light and color to your cheeks but also are a mineral makeup that takes care of your skin, this  pearls blusher  is very easy to apply and can look with a very natural or more sophisticated color.6. Blusher BonceadorIt is a basic that cannot miss this summer, if you did not have the opportunity to go to the beach or just like to wear a tan makeup this bronzing blusher is your best ally, you can apply it on the cheeks, neckline and shoulders.5. Blusher TricolorThe mixture of colors of this blusher is ideal for any skin type, from light skin to brown skin, if you are light skin the blusher tricolor will make you look tanned, if you are brown skin will give color and light to your cheeks.4. Blusher PaletteIf you want to have all necessary for a perfect blusher makeup, this pa blusher let you’ll love with it can color your cheeks, sharpen your features, illuminate your face and match colors according to your look.3. Set BlusherThis set of blusher is a perfect combination of colors, which you can use depending on the occasion, a pink for day to day or a peach color for a special occasion also includes a brown color with which you can fine tune your features.6 blush paletteIf you are new to this make-up this blusher 6 palette is ideal for you, you have everything you need to add a touch of color to your face, from blusher to contour, brighten and color your cheeks.1. Blusher KitIt is this small blusher kit you have everything you need for a perfect makeup, also because of its size is very comfortable to take it everywhere and touch up your makeup if necessary.Choose the blusher that best suits your taste and skin tone, the tan tones are perfect for summer and contouring the face, those who have illuminators will also serve to give light to your face.