4 Ways You Can Treat External Hemorrhoids

Only the sufferer knows the plight of having hemorrhoids! Not anymore. It is now or never – it is the perfect time that we look at possible treatment options available for this particular medical condition.There are namely two types of options that are available at the disposal for Hemorrhoids treatments•  General treatment•  Surgical treatmentGeneral TreatmentsThe treatment of Hemorrhoids depends on the degree of its severity.  These general treatments are more logical if you are at present in the formative stages of the condition. This is where you can take steps in preventing Hemorrhoids from becoming a big issue. Some of the common ways to treat external Hemorrhoids here are:•  Use of ice packsThe use of ice packs is done to make sure that the swelling is in check. This is in fact one of the most basic natural medications offered by the doctors to make sure that you don’t face any issues while sitting or walking.•  Hemorrhoid creamsIt has been seen that Hemorrhoids creams are also very potent detractors for curbing this condition. Among the ingredients of the cream, there has to be an anesthetic whose primary objective is to soothe the pain and give you relief. Both creams and suppositories which contain hydrocortisone can be really effective to combat hemorrhoids but always remember to use it as instructed by the doctors.Surgical TreatmentsAs advised, you should only go for the surgical treatment if you are either suffering from an advanced stage of hemorrhoids or if you want to treat external hemorrhoids without relapse. It is imperative that you are extra careful here while choosing the method of removal as prevention is always better than cure. Here are some of the basic surgical methods that are at your disposal for the treatment of hemorrhoids.•  Rubber band litigationThis procedure is done to limit the hemorrhoid issue, but not remove it. This is a fairly common practice for many patients where a small rubber band is placed on the hemorrhoid, generally around the base of it. This rubber band makes the hemorrhoids shrink in size and helps to curb them in size as well as help heal the scars caused by them.•  HemorrhoidectomyThis basically refers to the removal of hemorrhoids. You will see your doctors advising you to opt for this option if you have hemorrhoids, which are protruding and are large in size or if your hemorrhoids are persistent.During this treatment, the doctors will make an incision which is narrow in size around the external hemorrhoids as well as the internals in order to remove the infected blood vessels. This treatment has more than 90% success rate and hence is all the more attractive to the many patients. Although it is a relatively less complicated surgery option, it is known for being a little painful, but on the plus side you will get to go back home on the day of the surgery which is a big advantage! HemoTreat, LLC developed clinically proven hemorrhoid ointment to effectively treat external and internal hemorrhoids ( https://hemotreat.com/wh ) in seniors, overweight individuals and expectant mothers.