Article submission

Article submission is a process in which an informational data about specific industry is submitted to a directory or site to publish them. It is a long term value based stage of search engine optimization that is used to get more visibility and brand identity. Though it is a best marketing strategy of SEO, it provides value based information about industry. Original and useful information may get favored to gain hot lead by getting more visitors.

Article with promotional data is favored by directories. It is published with specific link, back URL. It is a very fast tool of SEO that may help to get to market faster. It is admired for its speedy results. On submitting an article to directories, you add a link back to your website. The helpful and constructive information of article naturally searched for more count up and gain more visitors to your website. People read the article on the directory and inspire to follow the link to your website. It helps in keyword ranking.  

There are two types of article submission

  •  Manual submission
  • Automatic submission

Directories for article submission are liked more now-a-days because they provide good scope to be ranked in different search engines. We, as an experienced team provide excellent service to found best suitable category for your article. Automated solutions are less preferred than manual submission.