Benefits of Email Continuity Solutions

Nowadays, email is the primary mode of communication for a majority of organizations and businesses. Email users across any business and industry niches cannot consider going without it. For emails, it is a criterion now to become continually available because businesses must remain accessible.The email systems, due its ease of use and speed, have been successful in replacing a majority of other modes communication used by the organizations. Moreover, with the coupling of social media and chat platforms and sophisticated capacity of attachment, email has surpassed all other modes of communication. This business communication tool is transforming into a more critical tool as the volume of data and user volume is increasing rapidly. So, this tool should be accessible and available at all times irrespective of disruptions in the system or any other system failure. That is exactly what email continuity service ensures.Importance of email continuityEmails, in spite of their critical role, are always vulnerable to a variety of serious threats and disruptions. It could be a natural disaster, a major system breakdown or a terrorist threat, and any of these can disrupt the mail system and deter the availability of emails. Therefore, every organization needs to be prepared beforehand for such sudden accidents leading to unplanned downtime. It can be internal system failures like power blackouts, server crashes, software bugs, operator mistakes, and so on. One such unplanned downtime is enough to put a halt in your organizational communication leading to loss of business. Email continuity systems address these issues and help to reduce vulnerability of an organization against such threats.No stop to emails when mail server is having downtimeAccording to various research and studies, every year small and medium- sized business organizations face at least 40 hours of such unplanned downtime. This translates into loss of critical data, thereby leading to loss of revenue in varying degree. Email continuity solution offer protection from this unplanned downtime and saves businesses from losing revenue.Protection with standby mailboxesEmail continuity solutions offering standby mailboxes provide a little archive option to save all the mails that could not be sent due to unplanned disruption. This allows in restoring the business process quickly as soon as the downtime is over.Protecting business reputationA missing email resulted from a downtime can have a series of negative consequences, such as   missed deadlines, non-processing of orders, delay in shipments and  delay in addressing issues and grievances. Often these have a negative impact on business reputation. With mail continuity in place one can avoid such a fate. Without having an email continuity system, any unplanned downtime or disruption in your mail server will lead to bouncing the emails back to the senders. Such things can add to the confusion of customers and business partners leading to bad reputation, besides loss of sales.Email continuity solution allows business to take downtime easyWhen one has email continuity solution there is no need to waste time on developing a temporary solution. Naturally, the IT staff can focus on solving the issue without any distraction. Any organization can take the downtime or disruption easy and continue its usual business communication while the IT people take care of the issue.    Securence is a leading provider of enterprise email filtering software that offers email protection and security services such as encrypted email, spam filtering, email archiving and email continuity solutions to small and large businesses.