Comparison of water storage tank based on different material

Today, you can find water storage tanks in a variety of shapes and sizes. Which is perfect for you is wholly depends upon the purpose of the store, where you want to place it and the style of the water tank. Here, in this article you will see the type of the storage tanks and their characteristics so as you can opt for the superior.Let us start with the concrete water storage tanks which are the oldest object to store the water. Concrete tanks are strong and long lasting but, concrete tanks are expensive and there is a possibility to catch in leaching. “Leaching takes place in concrete water tanks due to the existence of calcium into the concrete. If the water into the tank is acidic, it will leach the calcium existed into the concrete and the water will turn hard.”  The pores on the concrete surface are the best place for the bacteria to set up and grow, which also deteriorate water.  There is a solution to protect it from leaching and bacteria is, cover it air tight or use reinforcing steel. But again you may face the problem, if the embedded reinforcing steel corrodes. The corrode steel may cause cracks in the concrete and may cause water leakage.The next substitute is steel water storage tanks. Steel water tanks are made from galvanized steel with zinc coating. Zinc coating helps steel water tanks to be corrosion free. Steel water tanks are basically used for commercial purpose due to its viability in large sizes. Thought it has coated with zinc, as the time lasts the effect of the zinc coating obsolete and start to corrode. Next is, zinc can leak into the stored water and deteriorate water. The solution for such an issue is liners which are made of polyethylene. But again, it is expensive to embed and there is possibility of breakage, demands repairing which is again expensive.Another substitute is plastic water storage tanks. From my perspective and user reviews Plastic water tanks have major pros than its cons. It is inexpensive and lightweight. You can easily move it wherever you want as it does not require any steel rings to place it, in contrast to steel water tank.  Due to its lighter weight, you get extra perks of lower shipping cost. Plastic water tank manufacturers have given a wide assortment in colors and size due to its popularity. You can pick a color that matches to your taste and size which serve you the greatest. The contemporary aspect of plastic water tank is: UV inhibitors in the material protect the water from the degradation which occurs due to sunlight. It is easy and cheap to repair plastic water tanks, if get punctured.The last and significant aspect of plastic water storage tank is: it starts to melt if caught in supreme fire, on the other side steel buckles remains due to uneven heating and the most fetal is a concrete water tank which has chances to blast if caught in fire. Title: Comparison of water