Create Enterprise-Class Web Applications Using ASP.NET Framework

Active Server Pages.NET or ASP.NET is one of the widely used tools for building class based enterprise web applications and websites. This framework is best when creating rich web applications full of enhanced functionalities and features with the support of programming languages - C# and Visual Basic. Due to tough competition in the business world, if one wants to survive with his business then it is mandatory to make an online presence either with a dynamic website or feature-rich web application. With great .NET development companies in India, hire the best one among all of them for best user experience that makes your business to drag the profits by making your competitors lag behind. Let us concentrate on mentioned below points that highlights as the better framework for enterprise-class web applications. 1. demands less coding while building an app and thus, a worth choice for developing large enterprise-rich applications and websites. 2. As security is a major concern with large, feature-rich web applications. With the issue can be handled smartly as it has various built-in Windows authentication and apps settings. It has integrated security system that supports features like cookies' management, user is automatically redirected in case it enters incorrect username and password. highly advances the web applications' security. 3. Many features like native optimization, early binding, in-time compilation enables more advanced performance for apps. 4. It also allows development of web applications, in a rich-featured environment of Visual Studio. Therefore, it supports WYSIWYG-editing, drag-drop feature for easy development of web applications. 5. Great time management with this framework because it is designed in a way that makes easier to find errors while developing an app or making amendments to an existing one, which is possible without the need to start a server. 6. Debugging is another thing that is not an issue as it requires less code. Moreover, it is also easy to check the codes and rectify them. 7. Another great aspect with this platform is that it is useful in terms of designing as well as developing enhanced web apps or websites. 8. It is a language independent platform that makes it different from other .NET platforms. 9. Apps designed by this platform can be easily deployed. 10. It has an effective process control system that makes a web app consistently available to handle customer requests.