Email Continuity : Why It Matters to Business Organizations?

Emails are very important for business organizations as they are one of the main sources of communication in these organizations. Be it for external communication or internal communication, emails serve as the perfect communication platform in business environments where formal and to the point communication is highly expected.Given the importance of emails in these organizations, it is not hard to imagine the repercussions of an email system failure. Imagine that suddenly no one in your organization across all the branches is able to send or receive mails for a few minutes. A minor technical glitch like this can inflict tremendous losses and create chaos across all the branches of an organization. Bigger the company, higher the reliance on email systems and greater the damage if there’s even a small discontinuity for a few minutes.In this article, we are going to talk about email continuity and explain how this feature helps to avoid the nightmare described above. Email continuity is a feature that allows business organizations to maintain 100% uptime with their email servers and not miss out on a single mail. Read on to know more about this helpful feature, the way it works and the many advantages it offers to business organizations.What is Email Continuity?Emails are managed on exclusive servers known as email servers in large organizations. Suppose an email server of this sort breaks down due to some internal issue, bandwidth issue or some natural calamity. Email continuity feature ensures that there is a backup email server that will immediately take over. The backup server serves to do all the functions of a regular email server until the latter is up and running again. Once the main email server is up, the backup server is dormant and ready for another server outage.Many Advantages of Email Continuity•  First and foremost, because of this feature you won’t have to miss out on a single email ever again. The feature is designed such that, as soon as there is an outage in the primary email server, the backup server immediately takes over leaving no ground for discontinuity.•  Secondly, because of email continuity the IT department of your organization need not be worried about the email system as soon as there is an outage. Instead, they can focus on the server that broke down and find a solution to that.•  Thirdly, email continuity is very easy to setup and integrate into your present email system. You don’t have to revamp anything, nor make any big changes to the present system. There is no additional hardware or software that is required for this feature.•  Lastly, the feature is also very flexible as it allows for enrollment of every employee of an organization and poses no limitations on the number of people that can access the service. In addition, there is no limitation on the mailbox as well, thus allowing for n number of sent and received mails.   Securence is a leading provider of enterprise email filtering software that offers email protection and cloud email security services such as encrypted email, spam filtering, email archiving and continuity solutions to small and large businesses. To learn more about our hosted exchange solution, visit