Enticing Holiday Experience in Italy

  Travelling around in Italy remains one of those rare experiences in life that can never be matched. That is because in places like Italy history, art, fashion, food and the good and happening lifestyles intermingle so effortlessly. There are sunny isles and electric blue surf, glacial lakes and fiery volcanoes, rolling vineyards and urban landscapes harbouring more UNESCO World Heritage sites than any other country on Earth. Few places offer such variety and most of the visitors don't leave without a fervent desire to return.The artistic and architectural treasures of Italian regions like Rome, Venice, Florence and Naples draw visitors all year long and not just in the holiday season. Not content with Romans conquering most of the known world, the Venetians dispatched Marco Polo to uncharted lands off the map, while Giotto, Leonardo da Vinci, Brunelleschi and Michelangelo kick-started the Renaissance in Western art and architecture. The architecture makes the place for a must visit, at least once in a lifetime.There are many splendid palaces, paintings, churches and monuments and witness the centuries of hard graft and the unswerving devotion to traditional techniques and terroir. Like the local art, wine is also designed to elevate your spirits. From the neatly-banded stone terraces of the Cinque Terre, which snake from sea level to terrifying precipices, to the blousy hillsides of Chianti, the riverine plain of the Po valley and the volcanic slopes of Etna, Italian wines are made with utmost care and expertise to compliment the exclusively sourced regional cuisine on your platter.Much like its food, this country is an endless feast of experiences. No matter how much you gorge yourself, you’ll always feel as though you're still on the first course. You can go skiing in the Dolomites, or cycling in wine country. You can dive the sun-split waters of Sardinia, climb Aeolian volcanoes or stalk market stalls in Naples. The choice is dazzling and bewildering.It’s best and less stressful to begin your driving experience by hiring a car to move around in Italy. For the best deals on car rentals, you can check online book in advance from home before you take your trip to Italy. If you decide to rent a car while in Italy, try calling around to car-rental agencies. Car rental agencies like Car Rental Italy offer cheap car rentals and customized packages, especially to tourists, who pour into the place all year long. Car Rental Italy caters to all the needs of Italian tourists, who wish to explore the place to the core and enjoy a perfect holiday.