Eot Crane

Eot CraneEOT crane is the acronym for the electric overhead travelling crane. It is used in nearly every major engineering unit for varied functions. As per requirement it contains different kinds of controls. It may be provided with electrically operated control pendent. In several applications a cabin for operator is provided with the machine itself.Eot Crane Manufacturers The simple function of EOT crane is to lift up the load and to transfer it safely to destination. It is used to move object horizontally.  It helps to minimize labour requirement and made possible the work that is hard to handle manually.Eot Crane in IndiaThe eot cranes mechanically do the safe operations for medium to heavy load. It contributes well to enhance productivity. Involvement of microprocessor techniques and other latest control equipments and techniques help most to improve the functionality of machinery. It also helps to utilize floor space optimally. Capacity and size of the equipment is depends upon the kind of load. It encompasses wide working area in the factories and plants. EOT cranes contain three main components hoist, trolley and bridge. The special crane duty motors and AC/DC brakes are used for the system. Motors are provided as per IS-325.The EOT- cranes of modern era is a high tech machine equipped with advanced control  system with one touch operation criteria. As per need of application it is provided with different configurations to match the requirement with exact solution. The cranes are fabricated in such a way that it can be suitably fit in odd types of working places. Single girder cranes and double girder cranes are used as per need. It is suitably built with utilizing best grade material considering safety and its functional area. Safety is the most important factor to be considered to build the crane machine. So it is built with international norms and conditions.