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Child Care Courses are for everyone who wants to get acquainted with modern methods of upbringing and development of children of different ages, with new ways of planning pedagogical activity, with psychological adaptation to work. Courses of nannies will help to solve the problems arising in long-term communication with children, for all the complexity of each specific case in many ways universal. Therefore, training on nanny courses can be useful for future professionals, as well as for young moms and dads.Courses for child care and development from 0 to 12 months

  • The main happiness of every parent is a healthy and cheerful child. On how the child develops in early childhood depends largely on his future health, his mental and spiritual formation, his life path. Errors and mistakes made in the first year of development of the child, sometimes corrected all life.
  • Proper care, attention to all the development processes of the child in the first year of life is the key to his correct physical and mental formation, lays the foundation for a happy and active life, learning, growth.
  • In the first year of life parents, especially young people, have constant questions about feeding, children's massage, health, organization of the regime, classes, games, physical exercises and other equally important problems of their small family member.
  • MIRK has created a comprehensive program that allows answers to most of the issues of child care and development from birth to the year, based on the professional recommendations of a pediatrician, the best pedagogical and medical practices of childcare

TO KNOWü  Assess the physical and neuropsychological development of children from 0 to 12 months of age.ü  To develop and carry out a complex of gymnastics exercises for children of the first year of life by age periods.ü  Perform a complex of restorative massage for children from 0 to 12 monthsü  To develop programs for tempering children by age in the first year of lifeü  To carry out Chinese children's acupressure for health improvement of an organism and preventive maintenance of diseases in the first year of a life of the childHow to enroll for a course:In order to become our listener, you need to approach the training department of our Center, conclude a training contract and pay the course fee, taking into account the discount that is provided to all visitors who have received information on this site. By the condition of the contract, the entrant can make an advance payment. The second part of the payment is made before the second training session.Child Care Courses AdelaideWe cooperate with the specialist for children's day care of the town council and support day care workers in their professional work through qualification programs.Best Child Care Courses Adelaide, Sa offers both basic qualification courses for the preparation of day-care activities, as well as practical training and supervision. Click for the detail of the courses and their duration of completion and lots more.