Facts and Myths about Pilates Exercises

Pilates has become a worldwide phenomenon, which tends to be persistently misunderstood. Here we shall discuss the common myths associated with Pilates. Getting in touch with a good Pilates Singapore class can reveal all facts about this wonderful exercise:Myth: Pilates is a New Form of Exercise:Pilates have been popular all over the world since several decades. It was a creation of Joseph Hubertus Pilates, where he and his partner Clara thought some of the most popular theatre performers and popular dances.Myth: Pilates Originated from Yoga:Joseph Pilates studied yoga along with gymnastics, boxing and other forms of exercise. There is no such evidence suggesting that his major source of influence was yoga. Yoga and Pilates are complimentary practices, yet they tend to differ on many aspects.Myth: Pilates is for Women:Pilates appeal to women, as it creates strength without adding bulk to the body. However, Pilates attracts men too with some of the advanced exercises surpassing rigor and difficulty.Myth: Pilates is not for the Older Individuals:Pilates benefits people of all ages. Even the older individuals are benefitted as the precise, controlled and fluid movements do not harm the joints. Even Joseph Pilates practiced it when he was in his 80s.Myth: Pilates is Highly Expensive:It is nothing but a myth; as the Pilates mat exercises do not require any additional cost of a gym or equipment.Myth: Try Pilates as a Quick Fix for Your Flabby Abs:Well, apart from gaining flat abs, Pilates also helps in strengthening your body and conditions your mind as well as your body.Myth: You Get Longer and Leaner Muscles:Excentric contraction used n Pilates more than any other exercise methods build strength that creates leaner muscles, lessens the risk of muscle injury and reduces bulk.Myth: Pilates make a Person Look Taller:The fact is lean and long muscles help the skeletal structure look taller. This is the reason why Plates is known to improve posture.Myth: Pilates Alone can Cure Back Problem:Though Pilates offers relief from back problem, and the Pilates principles are used by physical therapists all over the world, it cannot be substituted for medication.Myth: Pilates Alone can Help You Lose Wight:Physical activities involved in Pilates can help you lose weight, but even the experts agree that a combination of healthy diet and exercise can help you lose weight.Myth: Athletic Performance Improves with Pilates:The fact is Pilates is immensely helpful in increasing coordination and balance that helps athletics in the field of tennis, horse riding, golf among many other such sports.Myth: Pilates is Just another Exercise with Different Equipment:Pilates help in integration of mind and body. It can be practiced with the help of special equipments; again the exercises can be performed without any equipment as well.So, now that you know what Pilates is and what it s not, make sure to enroll yourself in Pilates Singapore classes.This Article was written by Tony Czerniak. Visit our site at http://www.fitnessfreaks.club/ and http://www.fitnessfreaks.club/category/personal-training/ for more details.