Hindu Wedding Cards

Hindu Wedding Cards A Wedding is a very old affair which has been going on from our ancestors. From the ancient time, wedding ceremony is a legalized way to knot two people together. Apart from that, it is also significant for both families to get closer. Hence, the celebration continues for several days.Indian Wedding CardsIf we compare wedding of& olden time and today’s wedding, you will find that same ritual and customs have been carrying forward till the date. What has changed is the way of expressing the happiness and invitation. In the 16th century, there were nobilities for dissemination of any information. No matter it is a message or an invitation to join the ceremony.The social etiquette of sending wedding cards to guests started from the 18th century.  In the beginning of the 18th century it was written by hand or calligraphy and delivered to the destination by the servant. In the 20th century, the press actually came into the focus and a new era of printed wedding cards begun. As the time lasts advancement in the wedding cards took place.  Postal service replaced the servant in the 20th century and at the end of the 20th century technology offered e – wedding cards. Nevertheless the significance of the wedding card is the same.In the India, Indian wedding cards not only hold significance for the single community or a single religious. That is why every person considers wedding card with different significance according to the culture, religious and region of the person. However the significance of card is the same.Why Indian Wedding card is significant?à The wedding card invitation considered as social etiquette in India as well as foreign countries. à It is a medium for announcing the celebration of the day on which two lives beginning life together. à The couple can reflect their love and spirit by selecting a right color and converting their thoughts into words on wedding cards. à The wedding card is the first impression to your relatives and friends of your wedding by which you can describe the theme of your wedding, exclusivity and how big fat wedding it will going to be. So what are you waiting for? If your marriage is about to planned, don’t let Indian wedding cards from being usual part of your wedding. Make it as precious as your wedding day. You can make your card unique and rich by knowing more about different types of Indian wedding cards.