How to select the right food grade conveyor system?

The most attentive aspect of the food industry is hygiene and that can be accomplished by employing hygienic policies in the selection of food conveyor system, a system that complies with good manufacturing practices (GMPs) and reduces the risk of product contamination, wherein the conveyor belt is the most imperative segment of the system which contacts food directly. That means when you are looking to purchase a conveyor system, you need to focus on a conveyor system that is efficient and effective along with a conveyor belt that bestows a greater extent of hygiene to your food.There are several food grade conveyor belts manufacturer and food grade conveyor system manufacturer in India who offer a wide range of food grade conveyor belts and system that leads confusion in the selection, at that time you should deem the below items to be considered when making a food grade conveyor selection.Cleaning: A food grade conveyor system is made of the high grade material endows considerable hygiene, but along with the system should be easy to clean. Derive your selection on the system that has simple configuration, less moving parts, minimal liquid collection points. Additionally, you should ensure about the self draining facility is available in the system or not, as self draining reduces manned work as well as contamination issues.No downtime: It is very apparent that for efficient output, you need to focus on the food grade conveyor system that has no downtime, which you can achieve by selecting a food grade conveyor system that has less moving parts and moving parts less exposed to the food processing elements.Maintenance: The food grade conveyor system made of the world class quality of the raw material absolutely endows extended life span over the low quality raw material that apparently reduces the maintenance and operating cost of the conveyor system. You should contact such a food grade conveyor system manufacturer that gives assurance of using the highest grade material only.Material: When it is a matter of material, plastic and stainless steel ranks at the top and if we compare both materials, the stainless steel will last longer than plastic in a rough environment, but it is quite costly same time. On the other side plastic is cost efficient, which performs excellent in any declined temperature, like stainless steel. If you are not going to operate the process in a rough environment, plastic is not a bad choice.Conveyor belt: There are several food grade conveyor belt manufacturers, who render top class quality of conveyor belt based on the process requirement along with deeming hygiene on the top. The conveyor belts made of PU and PVC are resistant to grease, juice, chemicals, abrasion, stains, wear, heat, lower temperature are the best fit for your food industries that ensure a flawless food quality. That means food grade conveyor belt manufacturer who caters PU and PVC conveyor belt with an FDA/USFDA certificate is a virtue for you.

  1. Support: it would be wise to contact a food grade conveyor system manufacturer, who provides after sale support inclusive of training, maintenance, servicing, audit and spare parts replacement so as your system faces minimal downtime and you can achieve the suffice efficiency seamlessly.

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