Industrial Training and Practical Exposure: Lifeline to Engineering Colleges in Madhya Pradesh

How industrial training and practical exposure in Engineering Colleges in MP is going to help students? I believe answer to this question is another question, “Are you a qualified engineer and still unemployed?” To some of you it may sound rude, but it is the verity of being an engineer and not technically sound.A professional engineer means a perfect blend of theoretical and practical knowledge to give solution of day-to-day problems. There may be more than 150 Engineering Eolleges in Madhya Pradesh, 50 of them are in Bhopal but only a few of them focuses on industrial training and practical exposure. Even after fetching engineering degree, student’s expertise remains in academics only and approach is still unpragmatic. Ignorance of practical education by colleges and students as well leads to unemployment in engineers. There is a need to change this approach. There is an obligation to scaffold theoretical education and practical education to make students industry ready. Currently, colleges are more inclined towards conventional teaching methodology which includes completion of university curriculum and practicing primary phase of campus placement.The deviation from conventional methodology of teaching is the need of the hour. Industrial training and practical exposure in engineering colleges in MP, along with relevant academics is the best practice to make our engineers employable. Once I was in a seminar, the keynote speaker there raised a question “what is the need of education?” There were so many highly educated personnel sitting, and to this all of them had almost the same answer- “To be a good and civilized human being.” Accepted, but when I heard this question the first thought that pounded my mind was “to earn a livelihood.” I believe most of you will agree to this or else why one would opt for an engineering degree, just to be a civilized human being.Once our engineers will be made to work on projects and machines in the colleges itself, and we will start giving them a real time experience of industries; this gap between the industrial requriments and engineering education will be filled, leading to less failures and more job opportunities for our aspiring engineers.There are few top engineering colleges in MP now, that are pursuing industrial training and practical exposure with precision, but most of them are either IITs or NITs. The reason for “but” in the previous sentence is not all students make it to the IITs or NITs, so does that make them undeserved. Well, I do not think so. There is massive number of students who choose private engineering colleges to fulfill their dream to be an engineer, putting forward a challenge for privately owned colleges to inculcate industrial training and practical exposure in their curriculum. This addition is proving to be excellent for private colleges and to emerge as a superior competition to the IITs and NITs.Overall, now there are few colleges who have taken Industry Training and Practical Exposure in engineering colleges in Madhya Pradesh very seriously and have made it a point to make their students not only engineers, but good and affluent professional engineers. There are private engineering colleges in Madhya Pradesh who are giving tough competition to NITs and IITs like MIT Gwalior, SGSITS Indore, SISTec Bhopal, VIT Bhopal to name a few.