Italy Holiday –Embrace Life to the Fullest!

Italy is the world’s most celebrated tourist destination, something manifest in its different cuisines, dialects, landscapes and often varying standards of living. However, if there is a single national Italian characteristic, it’s to embrace life to the full – in the hundreds of local festivals taking place across the country on any given day to celebrate a saint or the local harvest. It lies in the importance placed on good food, in the obsession with clothes and fashion and in the daily ritual of the collective evening stroll or passeggiata, which is a sociable affair celebrated by young and old alike in every town and village across the country.Italy also highlights on its enormous cultural legacy. Tuscany alone has more classified historical monuments than any country in the world. There are considerable remnants of the Roman Empire all over the country, notably in Rome itself. And every region retains its own relics of an artistic tradition generally acknowledged to be among the world’s richest.Yet if all you want to do is chill out, there are a number of places to just lie on a beach, from the resorts filled with regimented rows of sunbeds and umbrellas, to secluded and less developed spots. And if you’re looking for an active holiday, there’s no better place than mountains running along the country’s length – from the Alps and Dolomites in the north right along the Apennines, which form the spine of the peninsula. Here, skiing and other winter sports are practised avidly. If you are a lover of wildlife and nature, you can check out on all national parks in the country.Tourists flock to Italy each year to enjoy art galleries and museums, learn about Italy's many historic landmarks, and view the beautiful outdoor scenery. Italy has much to offer both individuals and families. It is a place of complete fun and rejuvenation and you can find yourself unwinding by the mountains, by the sea, near art cities such as Florence, Venice and Rome, and even by many of the scenic lakes of Italy.Exploring Italy is a big deal as it has a wide range of attractions to cover and this may be a toughie if you depend on local public transport. So it is highly suggested that you hire a car to take you around to visit the places of tourist attraction in Italy. There are many car rentals in Italy like Car Rental Italy that provide you with easy and economical local commuting options. You can actually book your car online before coming down to Italy to make your trip easier. Car rentals in Italy have made Italian tourism a highlight and also helping the tourists have a hassle-free and memorable Italian holiday.