Jazz up your Television with a Rustic TV Console

Today most living rooms are arranged around the television. The TV has become the focal point of the living room decor because of its importance as an entertainment device. While televisions themselves have become quite trendy in design, conventional TV stands have not managed to keep up with the design revolution that has taken place. They are still staid glass and metal contraptions or mass produced polished wood pieces.  The right design solution for homeowners would be to have a TV console that contrasts in design with the Television. When TVs look space-age and complex, the TV stand should have a rough-hewn and simple design. Rustic TV consoles are effective because of the simple design language - straight lines, flat colors- used by artisans in creating them.  Rustic furniture is the modern iteration of the hand cobbled furniture produced by American settlers for their own use. They would use wood from discarded packing crates, painted with flat colors to hammer together sturdy furniture like beds and tables. The rustic furniture trend grows from the modern popularity of the country life and an uncomplicated lifestyle. A TV stand is an extremely utilitarian piece of furniture and it goes well with the rustic furniture trend. The rustic TV consoles are low and long tables which can hold TVs, DVD players and music systems on the table top with drawers to hold cables and accessories like remote controls, batteries, CDs and DVDs. The metalwork like drawer pulls and hinges of cabinet doors is kept very basic and sturdy in keeping with the rustic theme. The paint scheme is chosen in flat colors with very little gloss. Rustic TV consoles can be made to order per the customer’s requirements. Customers can choose the number of drawers, color finish and metalwork. The final product would have a unique look unlike all mass produced wooden furniture. The difference in quality also arises because of the effort put in by skilled local artisans in producing a fine piece of furniture. Compared to mass furniture makers, these artisans also have a secret up their sleeve- they use reclaimed wood extensively. Reclaimed wood is a happy byproduct of the heavy usage of wood in construction in America right up to the 1920s. As fresh and strong wood was plentifully available in those days, entire barns, warehouses and factories were erected out of wood. Exposed to the changing sun and weather conditions for decades, the wood dried out and took on a unique weathered appearance. This wood is also very strong compared to new wood because the moisture content in it has gone down because of exposure to the sun and wind. As wooden buildings were torn down to make way for concrete and glass buildings in the 20th century, a whole new furniture industry sprang up around reclaimed wood. Besides the strength and appearance factor, reclaimed wood also has a deep connection to American heritage which makes it irresistible for buyers.     FoxDen Decor is an eCommerce store offering a unique selection of rustic and reclaimed wood furniture, including bathroom vanities, copper sinks, beds, cabinets, rustic TV consoles, nightstands, bar stools, and tables handcrafted by skilled artisans. To view more products, visit www.FoxDenDecor.com/Shop.