Jute-based Napkins Prevents Cervical Cancer in Women

Cervical cancer is worse than breast cancer that is leading to numerous deaths in India. According to reports, about 33,000 women are losing their lives in India due to cervical cancer. As a relief the initial news has from scientists at IIT (Indian Institute of Technology), Kharagpur. They have come out with sterilized sanitary napkins made from jute-based cellulose.It is said, that the napkins were made to pass cyto-toxicity tests to see if there was any bacterial contamination. After it passes all he tests, it will come into market.What is Cervical Cancer?Cervical cancer is excessive growth of cells on the cervix. The cervix is the lower part of the uterus that opens into the vagina. This can be treated completely if it is found in its early stages. Though cervical cancer is asymptomatic (shows no symptoms), this can usually be found through a Pap test.How cervical cancer occurs?Cervical cancer occurs due to a virus called Human Papilloma virus, commonly said as HPV. It is transmitted through multiple ways. One of the main way through which HPV transmitted is via sexual contacts. Other than that unhygienic living situations, giving multiple births to children, frequent pregnancies, malnutrition, early marriages etc. also contributes the cause for cervical cancer.High risk groups are teenagers who have early sex or you call it premature sex during teenage. Those who have had multiple pregnancies or multiple sex partners and not using contraceptives are also prone to cervical cancer. These are the major causes through which this cancer is caused.How cervical cancer can be prevented?Maintaining proper personal hygiene is very important for girls/women during their menstrual cycle. Not limited to this it is also necessary to take care of your sexual life.Cervical cancer wouldn’t show any symptoms of its occurrence in your until it starts to spread in neighbouring tissues. It is asymptomatic. This can be treated if it is found during early stages. The diagnosis can be done through Pap test.Jute-based Napkins prevent cervical cancerJute-based napkins will soon hit market which is said to prevent cervical cancer. As said, the personal hygiene plays a vital role in preventing this cancer; it has been tested that jute based napkins are more effective in cervical cancer prevention.Many cases are reported at an younger age diagnosed with cervical cancer due to unhealthy living atmospheres. This could eliminate one of the prime reasons that causes this disease.In England, for cervical screening about 4 million and more women are invited each year. Around 1 in 100 women screened has a moderate or high grade abnormality (1%). Early treatment can prevent these cervical changes developing into cancer thus cervical cancer can be averted completely.