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How To Choose High Quality Printing MachinesPrinting industry has changed drastically over last few years with evolution of digital printing technology. Even the traditional printing technologies like flexographic printing have undergone improvements with digital technology. Today, there are numerous types of printing machines available on the market. These machines have been developed to fulfill different printing requirements of the industry. All these digital printing machines offer quality printing products. There are certain features / properties that define the printing quality of printing machines. If you are looking for high quality printing machines, you must be aware of qualities that you should check in the printing machines. This article focuses on the qualities that help find high quality printing machines.Check The Prominent Quality FeaturesThe two prominent digital printing technologies of this age are laser printing and inkjet printing technologies. Inkjet printers are widely used in printing industry. Whether it is paper printing or textile printing, inkjet printers offer excellent quality printing. Laser printing is beneficial in some applications. Regardless of the printing technology, there are certain features that one should check while choosing printing machines. These features include –

  • Print quality – Print quality is defined as the dots per inch printed by the machine. The black and white printers should have minimum resolution of 600x600 in order to give quality print. The printers having resolution 2400x1200 are said to be high quality printing machines. For color printers, the standard resolution is 1200x1200 that means 1200x1200 dots per inch provides quality print. But, printers having resolution 4800x2400 provide superb quality printing.
  • Printing speed – This is one of the important feature for commercial printing machines. The minimal or standard printing speed seen in machines is 20 prints per minute for black printing machines and 10 prints per minute for color printing machines. The high speed printing assures increased print production capabilities that is why printing speed is very important feature for commercial printing machines.
  • Duty cycle of the printing machine – Check the duty cycle of printing machine as it helps assess whether printing machine is capable to handle the work volume. Duty cycle of printing machine is the maximum number of pages it can print in a month. For residential printing machines, duty cycle is around 5000 pages while heavy duty commercial printing machines have duty cycle of around 25,000 pages per month.
  • Printing costs – Printing cost is one of the important criteria choosing printing machine. Printing costs can be calculated as cost per page. Whether you choose laser printing machine or inkjet printing machine, printing cost can be calculated as number of pages printed per cartridge divided by cost of cartridge. Inkjet cartridges are less expensive.Generally, laser cartridges are expensive but last longer.

Besides these features, every printing machine comes with its own features as most of the printing machines are designed for specific applications. You will find office printing machines accompanying multiple functions like scanner, fax and printing operations. So, check the range of printing machines for specific applications and compare it on these features to find high quality printing machine.<a href=””>ATE India</a>