Which is the best countertop material for kitchen?

Deciding on the countertop material, especially for the kitchen is daunting task, as today in the modernization era you will have wide options which just lead to confusion, a confusion of its worthiness on investment. If you are also experiencing so, before splurging on the countertop, just by getting fascinated, you should go through this article, which delineates countertop materials and its worthiness on price. Solid Surface CountertopsSolid surface countertops are made of plastics with fleck of glass, plastic and other material and are available in multifarious colors and patterns, which enable you to derive a selection on the countertop that strongly complements with your kitchen theme. Moreover, they can be fabricated in any shape and design that give an exclusive look to your kitchen. But, when money is concerned, they are quite higher in rate than granite available at Granite Countertops DC and Granite Countertops Baltimore. Moreover, they are prone to heat and dent that can ruin the look and be worthless even though spending more money.Laminate countertopsLaminate countertops are made of the plastic laminate material and fasten to a wood surface with the any effective sticky substance. These laminate countertops give an alluring and seamless look to your kitchen countertop. But, it is not for a lifetime, from which you are not aware. Yet, laminate countertops are inexpensive and stain proof, they are less appropriate for kitchen as they can crack, scratch and can be damaged if contact to heat. Moreover, once laminate countertops get damaged, it is very difficult to repair. In short, laminate countertops are alluring and inexpensive, but they are ineffective. Quartz CountertopsQuartz countertops are made of ground quartz which can be mixed with desired color, synthetic and other material to give an exclusive appearance to your countertop, also renowned as the engineered stone in the market. These countertops have greater durability extent in contrast to the natural quartz and give natural, yet contemporary look to your kitchen countertops. They are nonporous and have excellent resistance to scratching and stains. But, when it comes to money, quartz countertops cost quite higher than granite available at Granite Countertops DC and Granite Countertops Baltimore and even though are not resistance to heat likes granite, which demands extra care with hot pots and pans in the kitchen.Recycled Glass CountertopsRecycled glass countertops are made by combining ground material of broken and used glass with desired color and agents. If you are a nature loving person, then recycled glass countertops are truly nature friendly countertops that not only look good, but also make you feel good. Moreover, these recycled glass countertops are non porous and boast greater resistance to heat like Granite Countertops DC, but as it’s a new venture, and limited to some manufacturer, low stoke and high demand have increased the price level along with they can’t be repaired in case of crack or break, in that matter replacing is only option for you.Granite CountertopsGranite is a natural stone, carry out from the quarries, wherein you can find out variance in color and patterns. These variant colors in the granite is all thanks to feldspar, as the amount of the feldspar varies in granite stone, you can see the assorted array of colors in the granite countertops. These naturally made patterns cannot be beaten by any other man made material along with granite countertops are durable and endow greater resistance to staining, scratching or scorching. Moreover, repairing of the granite countertops is possible, unless the damage is deep.  Additionally, the coating applied by the Granite Countertops Baltimore makes it excellent against stain and lasts 10 to 15 years.In a nutshell, you can get robust, astonishing yet praiseworthy countertop by installing Granite Countertops in your kitchen.